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We Need Your Help!

Hey everyone,

We need your help – more importantly, the Surrey Food Bank needs your help.

They are running short on supplies this holiday season. We have a goal of 500 lbs of food by Dec 31st 2020 – let’s do this together!

Did you know 41% of the 14,000 people fed a month through the Surrey food bank are children and babies? That statistic just blew me away. With three young boys it breaks my heart thinking about what this would be like.

Please consider dropping off non perishable items to our office hamper so we can support the food bank who is desperately in need of food and donations. We will make sure it gets to the Food Bank safely.

Top 8 most needed items:

  1. Canned protein (Fish & meat)food bank
  2. Canned fruit
  3. Canned vegetables
  4. Meals in a Tin (e.g. Pork n’ Beans or Stew)
  5. Whole grain rice
  6. Pasta and pasta sauce
  7. Healthy canned soups
  8. Baby formula (large cans)

Thanks for reading. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Have a great week!

Dr. Alibhai, Family and Team

Stuart Chiropractic
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