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The Story of Baby Mehr

After an emergency C-section and forceful pulling from the doctors, beautiful Mehr was welcomed to this world.

Unfortunately, what followed was  intense inconsolable crying for hours, red faced and sleepless nights for baby Mehr.  Uncertain as to what was happening the mother, Aman sought their medical doctors advice, who diagnosed Mehr with Infantile Colic and reassured them it would get better and she would “grow out of it”, a phrase we hear too often.

There are many theories why babies get colic but none that have been proven to date. What if there was a faster way to ease their daughters discomfort?

The parents did not give up looking for another solution other than waiting.  Chiropractic care was in store for her.

After 3 adjustments, they noticed improved sleep, less crying and a much calmer baby.

Dr Alibhai and Mehr

Did you know, randomized trials have shown that babies with infantile colic under chiropractic care cry up to 5 x less. 1

Baby Mehr

How does this work?

We do not treat the symptom (the crying) we remove nerve irritations coming from the spine through subtle adjustments. Your central nervous system comes from the brain and runs through the spine. When there is a misalignment, it’s kind of like having poor cell phone coverage. There is poor connectivity back to the brain!

Why should I get my baby or child checked?

Think of a baby or child as simply having a smaller version of an adults spine, they are still susceptible to the strains and sprains of everyday life. Sometimes an event like a forceful childbirth, similar to a car accident or a sports injury, while we all think our children are made perfectly, there can be subtle imbalances that develop without any symptoms.

What are the other types of conditions we see?

There is research and clinical support for chiropractic care for ear infections,  sensory processing disorders, bedwetting and “growing pains”.

How about prevention? We want your child to experience their fullest potential in life and as the old saying goes: ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

1. Miller JE, Newell D, Bolton JE. Efficacy of chiropractic manual therapy on infant colic: a pragmatic single-blind, randomized controlled trial. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. Oct 2012;35(8):600-607.

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