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The Missing Link to Optimum Health

We all know WHAT we should eat but do you know HOW to prepare foods to maximize their nutrient content? If it cost the same would you fill your body up with premium fuel or regular?

Enter, “Eating on the Wild Side”, by Jo Robinson. A book that has changed my outlook on how to prepare fruits and vegetables to help reclaim the nutritional benefits that have been lost over the years

Here are some of my favourite ‘go to’ tips that you can start using TODAY to gain the most of the foods you eat

Garlic: One of the most potent cancer fighters, if you chop/slice/press and let it rest for 10 min before heating it, you preserve the cancer fighting molecule allicin. Bottom Line:  Press and Rest for 10 min

The most nutrient dense vegetable we can eat is canned artichoke! couldn’t believe this one!  Just watch out for the unhealthy marinades. 

Cooked blueberries have more antiodaint power than fresh blueberries. Great reason for a blueberry pie! Berries have more antioxidant power than vegetables. 

Ounce per ounceraspberries have more fibre than bran cereal. 

Spinach: Put your fresh spinach in a bag and poke tiny holes before refrigerating and you have 125% more antioxidants the next day.

Green onions have 120 times more antioxidant power than white onions!

Thompson seedless grapes have lost almost all their anthocyanin and resveratrol. Bottom line – the darker the grape the better for you. 

Tearing romaine lettuce the day before you eat it doubles its antioxidant content.

Cooked Carrots have twice as much beta-cartone as raw carrots.

The list goes on and on! Buy the book or you can find it in our reception area.

A reminder most adults require 3-4 grams and kids 2-3 grams of omega 3 fish oil a day for a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system. Most of us are simply not getting enough of of the right ratio of these essential nutrients, EPA and DHA. You would have to eat fish daily with every meal to meet this requirement. This is simply not possible due to heavy toxins in todays fish. We currently sell the ideal fish oil (quality, purity, taste and capsules or oil). Here is the website for more information, pick it up or have it sent to your home.

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