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Surrey Chirorpractic Reviews

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Five Star Reviews

  • The staff was really great! Very straightforward.

    - R.S.
  • Thank you! Great experience!

    - Rhea Q.
  • All the staff were great, made me feel totally relaxed. Good first appointment, good value. Will be back.

    - BH.
  • Very professional team throughout the whole practice.

    - Vikram M.
  • Excellent atmosphere! Staff & doctor made me feel important & relaxed.

    - Wendy B.
  • The staff is literally so nice i would recommend this place to anyone just based on the staff!

    - Kirandeep B.
  • Beautiful environment and wonderful staff. I felt like I was at a spa. I felt special!!

    - J.D.
  • Excellent! I never saw that much care in any doctors office. thank you!

    - Jasvinder M.
  • Staff were so friendly and caring!!

    - Angela R.
  • My first visit with all the staff was an excellent experience.

    - Meiko C.
  • Very nice, helpful one of the best doctors I’ve ever been to. Staff and everyone there super nice and friendly.

    - Gaganpreet P.
  • You guys are absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work.

    - Jermaine M.
  • Great customer service. All of the staff will welcome you with a big smile.

    - Armin A.
  • This is a great group of people to have on my healthcare team! I’m confident in and looking forward to a healthier me.

    - Monica V.

Friendly, Empathetic and Kind

Used to have Dr. Stuart as my physician, so returned to his office as I knew they had to be good for him to sell. I was proven correct because the entire staff was friendly, empathetic, and kind. They listened to my concerns, did testing to get complete picture and seem confident that they will be able to help alleviate my pain. As of now they are awaiting test results and my next appointment is already scheduled. They even came to my car and killed a spider after hearing me freaking out in the parking lot. I hate spiders so much. Look forward to working with them in the future. -A.R.

Highly Recommend

I am so glad I chose Stuart Chiropractic.. Dr Alibhai and his staff, are wonderful…kind and compassionate people. His knowledge and care of clients goes above and beyond expectations. How many doctors do you know that will call you after your first treatment? I highly recommend Stuart Chiropractic to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor. -V.B.

Patient-Focused Service

Amazing patient-focused Service. I was in the communications business before I retired and I recognize all the good public relations tactics!! And not just the service but the treatment —the first one made a huge difference. -B.I.

Friendly and Inviting

Super friendly and very inviting environment. I really enjoyed how thorough the appointment was it was just unfortunate that the office hours don’t work with my work schedule. As my schedule will be changing in the spring, I’m hoping my new schedule will allow me to visit this location for my chiropractic needs. -C.B.

Informed and Confident

I walked in the clinic in pain. Getting no relief from previous practitioners. Even though it was my first initial visit, i left informed and very confident that my pain would go away. Very friendly and informative staff. I would definitely recommend this clinic to my family and friends. -E.Y.

Recommend Without Hesitation

“The staff and Dr. Alibhai went out of their way to make me feel welcome, they were quick to respond to my questions and walked me through each procedure. I would recommend the clinic without hesitation.” – L.S.

Feel so much better already.

“The smiling encouraging Dr. Khalid and staff made me forget my pain and gave me confidence with all the detailed explanation.” – N.L.

Unforgettable Experience

You were my first visit to any Chiropractor. I must say I didn’t know what to expect from the Staff and Dr. Alibhai. It was an experience that I will not forget. I am looking forward to the next many visits to help manage my aches and pains (especially the right shoulder) and spinal area. Dr. Alibhai is well versed and knowledgeable in his profession. Looking forward to a healthier life through Stuart Chiropractic clinic.

- Harvey C.

A Decade’s Relief

After decades of chronic migraines, neck, shoulder, arm pain with tingling in my fingers, I had to try something new. Couple that with multiple abdominal cancer surgeries & a history of GI bleeds, I needed to be very cautious taking pain pills for my stomach. I tried all kinds of physical treatments & exercises in the past but the pain remained chronic. My dear cousin who Is a client at Stuart Chiro suggested I try chiropractic treatment & that it had helped her.Read more »

Though skeptical at first and numerous sessions to start, I began noticing relief from head to toe. My headaches started to disappear & my whole right tensed-up side finally eased & was more flexible. The tingling in my fingers is now completely gone!! Migraines minimal ..I’ve have recently resumed some activities that used to precipitate my migraines. Just feel so encouraged to get some of my life back! I had been “gnarled up” for years & knew that it would take time and many treatments to help me. But after a recent 2 month course of regular visits with Stuart Chiropractic, I now have sustained relief & my pain is finally under control. I realize I will need to come back from time to time to prevent future flare ups but I don’t mind as I enjoy each and every person in that office…all so kind & accommodating. I find Dr Alibi’s very knowledgeable, professional, caring & gentle in his treatment & I am so grateful for the relief I have achieved! Ahhhhh!

-Marie C.

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