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Recipe for Resilience

Are you or someone you know going through a difficult time? Are you wanting to ‘bounce back’ from something that has been thrown your way?

If you are in need of some inspiration, I encourage you to watch this short video on How to Build a Resilient Brain by Dr. Shahana Alibhai MD featured at Connect 4 Health 2018


Here are the top 4 take aways:

1. The three ways to build resiliency are Connection, Finding your Purpose and Grit

2. Connection: One of the best ways to build connection is through vulnerability. Check out Brene Brown’s famous TED talk to learn more

3. Finding Your Purpose: a great lesson here is the sand, pebble and rock exercise. Here is a link to find out more

4. Grit: Defined as passion and perseverance for longterm goals, grit is what gives you the stamina to keep going no matter the obstacles you face. The best way to build grit is by having a growth mindset. Learn more here (Dweck TED talk)

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