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Plastics and Kids

Hey Everyone,

This Friday’s email is a little different. We wanted to share some of the items we recently purchased for the kids!

After  listening to my sister in law, Naturopath Dr. Shabita Teja  speak about plastics and the effect they have on our hormonal system and obviously the environment, we took action.  Just because its says “BPA Free” does not exclude it from negatively impacting your body.

Why should we care? plastic
Anything that is an endocrine disrupter, affects the natural regulation of your hormones.
While some plastics may say dishwasher safe, that does not mean safe for your body.
We evaluated where we were using plastics, we discovered much of it was with the  kids’ food accessories! Cutlery, plates, cups, straws!
While it’s almost impossible to be 100% plastic free we switched to stainless steel for many commonly used items. Here is the list of things we changed for the kids. The upfront costs are higher but the cost per use goes down the more you use it!
Here are the Amazon links:
Lunch Containers On the higher end but a game changer!  No more containers! Just got these last week.  Makes preparation much faster and easy to clean. *Not Liquid Proof
Protein Stainless Steel Shaker Cup Blender Bottle realized there was a better way!
Please do share any items you feel are working for you!
Have a blessed weekend!
Dr. Alibhai, Family and Team
Stuart Chiropractic

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