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Very Impressed

I was very impressed with my first visit and with the courtesy given when I arrived at the office without an appointment. Personally, I felt as though I was a long time patient. I am looking forward to our continued relationship after having received immediate relief from the constant ache in my hip and leg. I would highly recommend Stuart Chiropractic to anyone requiring this service.

-Jim S.

Caring Staff

I do not know where I would be if it were not for Dr. Alibhai and the caring staff. Not only is Dr. Alibhai skilled and knowledgeable but he and his staff are so caring and understanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Alibhai for chiropractic needs.

-Valerie B.

Best Staff

I have been going to Stuart Chiropractic for over 25 years and they have kept this old body moving. Couldn’t live without them. The staff are the best!

-Marilyn T.

Thank You

Thank you for the professionalism and expertise in dealing with my problems. The level of detail and care was exceptional along with the excellent communication to ensure my visit was productive and beneficial.

-Shahzyah J.

Friendly And Knowledgeable

I was quite pleased with how thorough the initial consultation was and and the tech used to pinpoint the target areas that are in need of treatment. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I feel confident and comfortable with Dr. Alibhai treatment method for future visits.

-Barbara J.


I felt impressed with my first experience here. I arrived without an appointment and was greeted with warm, caring and knowledgeable staff. After a thorough assessment and diagnostic tests, Dr. Alibhai performed gentle treatment on my spine. I walked out feeling immediate relief to my neck! I’ll be going back.

-Marie C.

All Of My Experiences Have Been Positive

I first went to Dr. Alibhai about two years ago, as a result of a minor alignment crisis. I was about to go on a month-long holiday which involved a lot of plane travel, and when I suddenly noticed that something was out in my spine, the thought of all of that sitting in a cramped airplane seat, with a compromised alignment, drove me to search out a chiropractor. What if my spinal discomfort ruined my whole holiday.

I didn’t know where to go and had no friend-recommendations to go by, but I remembered seeing the green awning at Stuart Chiropractic while driving past. I doubted that I could get in on such short notice but the Stuart staff were sympathetic and accommodating and managed to get me in right away!

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As a teenager, I had suffered a sports injury to my back, which led to chronic headaches. Chiropractic was almost unknown to my parents, and thus was the last thing they tried to rid me of the debilitating headaches. Miraculously it worked and the headaches were gone!

Dr. Alibhai is gentle and sympathetic, he uses updated methods and equipment for adjustments. Dr. Alibhai educated me about my spine and its effect on my overall health and the staff administered tests which enabled the doctor to periodically assess my spinal health. I was reluctant to have these done at first, thinking them unnecessary. After all, I felt fine! I felt fine until the next crisis, of course. I realize now that the periodic assessments and the regular adjustments are not just a cash grab, but truly help the doctor to help me. Over the period that I’ve been a patient of Dr. Alibhai, we have figured out the optimum time between visits, in order to keep things feeling good. I do my part too, with a healthy diet and lots of exercise to maintain strong muscles along my spine.

All of my experiences with Stuart Chiropractic staff have been positive. They are so accommodating about setting up appointments. Any tests I’ve had, all administered by staff, have been very well-explained. I never felt rushed or worried about the tests. In my experience, every single member of the staff is unfailingly welcoming. They all greet me with a smile and welcome me by name.

I have to admit that I started out as a skeptical and reluctant patient, but I couldn’t be happier now. My spine and I really lucked out that day when I decided to take a chance at ‘the place with the green awning.

-Dianne H.

I Strongly Believe In Chiropractic Care

I have been going to Stuart chiropractic for over 23 years now. I strongly believe in chiropractic care and enjoy optimum health because of it. Thank you for being there for me!

-Tamara T.


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