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I'm Cutting out Meat!

 5 things that will happen to you

red meatMy family and I have decided to cut out meat after watching the documentary Forks over Knives. We just knew it was the right thing to do. We did it “Cold Turkey”!

5 things that will happen to your body:

  1. You’ll reduce inflammation in your body.
  2. Your blood cholesterol levels will plummet (up to 35%)
  3. Decrease expression of cancer genes
  4. Decrease risk of Diabetes by 50%
  5. You will get the right amount and kind of protein ( We are eating 1.5 times more ANIMAL protein than we did 20 years ago!)

By the way, we will also be saving out planet – it takes 2,500 GALLONS of water to produce 1lbs of meat – from farm to cellophane packaging.  We have a love for animal protein in the western world. In the zones of the world where people have lived the longest – protein is only 10% of their diet! Enjoy this link to more information on the benefits of eliminating animal protein from your diet. Here for you 100% Dr. Alibhai and family

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