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How to Add Life to Your Years - 6 Areas of Focus

Watching my parents grow older hasn’t been easy but I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help them. I’v included below 6 areas of focus for healthy aging. 

I’m also excited to share with you fascinating results published on how Chiropractic care adds life to your years. Great news, its an easy to digest and fun pictorial video. Skip to 2:10, if pressed for time.

Lastly, we have had an amazing response to parents bringing in their kids for a back to school check up. Together we can educate and inspire these kids to take care of their spine and health!

6 Areas of Focus for Healthy Aging!

Grip Strength is a predictor of mortality – Use a grip strengthener

Train your balance – Watch our balance video

Connect with your Community - Loneliness is at its all time high.

Walking truly is medicine – Hippocrates –  Get moving with 20 min of fresh air daily.

Plant Based Diet has been proven to reduce and even prevent Alzheimer’s onset.

Chiropractic can really add life to your years. 

Should you require any more information, need our support or care, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Your Surrey Chiropractor.

Here for you 100%,
Dr. Alibhai



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