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Holiday Blues? 9 Tips to Stay Ahead

Have you heard of the term Holiday Blues64% of people are affected by this. You or someone you know may suffer with this in the coming weeks.

Holiday Blues are temporary feelings of anxiety and depression during the holidays that can be accompanied by extra stress, unrealistic expectations or even memories that accompany the holiday season. 

Symptoms might include:

Fatigue, Tension, Frustration, Loneliness, Isolation, Sadness or Sense of loss.

Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

9 Tips to Stay Ahead of the Game:

1. Stick with Normal Routines as much as possible.  Win by making yourbed in the morning. Here is a  famous video on why from a Navy Seal. 

2. Get enough Sleep. Check out Arianna Huffingtons Book Sleep Revolution

3. Get some “cave time” but don’t isolate yourself. Spend time with people who are caring and supportive.

4. Go for a light walk or to the gym, then you can get back to that awesome Netflix marathon.

5. Get chiropractic care – Fatigue, Headaches, muscle tension and irritability are all signs and symptoms  your body is unbalanced physically and emotionally.

6. Set your Edges and reasonable expectations for shopping, cooking, cleaning, holiday cards and entertaining. Are you the person in the family that should be helping more or the one who should ask for help? 

7. Set a budget for holiday activities to prevent over extending your self.

8. Listen to music. Did you know that music stimulates both sides of the brain?

9. Live each day with an attitude of gratitude 

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