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Bites of Goodness

Here are a few bites of goodness I have found useful this week.

1. The trick to end procrastination now is not what you think! Here is a link to a wonderful 5 min talk by Mel Robins who wrote the 5 Second Rule. 

2.  Did you pick your One Word for the year? Our teams word for 2018 is Exceed. Your one word is your driving force for the year. It’s the lens in which you view the world.  Have no idea what I’m talking about? Watch this video.

3.  Do you need a spark of hope?  Watch the 2017 Connect for Health talks (scroll to bottom)  on how I recovered from my own injury & Dr. Shahana’s talk on managing stress and anxiety. 

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Here for you 100%,


Dr. Alibhai

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