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Balance 101

Did you know balance is just as important as strength and can improve 200% in just two weeks of training?  This exercise was critical in my grandmothers recovery after she fractured her hip. Be a student then become a teacher of this exercise to your family.

This exercise is for all ages and you are never too old to start! You will be surprised how rapidly you can improve. Consistency is more important over intensity.


Dr. Alibhai Balance 101

Dr. Alibhai Balance 101


Quick tips for safety:

  • If you are concerned about falling put a chair behind you. Lift the leg up as high as you can, if it’s only a few inches off the ground, start there.
  • Bring the belly button to the spine and keep the glutes contracted. Avoid resting your body weight on one leg like many of us do when we stand.
  • Hold each side for as long as you safely can. Start by spending a total of 2 min each leg

*As always please ask any questions, seek advice and use common use when performing any exericse.

We look forward to hearing from you about your successes.





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