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Are You Doing This? Don't Be A Shrimp!

I was sitting on the steps to our living room when Shahana walked by and said “Look at you! You’re all hunched over into a ball and your head is dropped down”. I was scrolling through the news and sending texts. She caught me and when I straightened up I realized, I do it too. Do you have “CNN – itis”? or “text neck”?

Many of us have our heads burried into our phones trying to stay in touch with the world and becoming more disconnected with our body. That tension between the shoulder blades, pain in the neck or headaches are signs your body needs some care.

Straighten up, roll those shoulders back and watch our device ergonomics video on youtube.

My son Eshaan loves asking the question “which animal doesn’t have a backbone!?” Well its a shrimp!

Don’t be a shrimp!

BC developed a COVID-19 online self assessment tool which is very helpful.

Have a blessed day and be well,


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