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Additional Stuart Chiropractic Reviews

A Decade’s Relief

After decades of chronic migraines, neck, shoulder, arm pain with tingling in my fingers, I had to try something new. Couple that with multiple abdominal cancer surgeries & a history of GI bleeds, I needed to be very cautious taking pain pills for my stomach. I tried all kinds of physical treatments & exercises in the past but the pain remained chronic. My dear cousin who Is a client at Stuart Chiro suggested I try chiropractic treatment & that it had helped her.

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Though skeptical at first and numerous sessions to start, I began noticing relief from head to toe. My headaches started to disappear & my whole right tensed-up side finally eased & was more flexible. The tingling in my fingers is now completely gone!! Migraines minimal ..I’ve have recently resumed some activities that used to precipitate my migraines. Just feel so encouraged to get some of my life back! I had been “gnarled up” for years & knew that it would take time and many treatments to help me. But after a recent 2 month course of regular visits with Stuart Chiropractic, I now have sustained relief & my pain is finally under control. I realize I will need to come back from time to time to prevent future flare ups but I don’t mind as I enjoy each and every person in that office…all so kind & accommodating. I find Dr Alibi’s very knowledgeable, professional, caring & gentle in his treatment & I am so grateful for the relief I have achieved! Ahhhhh!

-Marie C.

Very Happy

I was very happy with my first visit and was happily surprised and pleased that I felt much better after just one treatment. The doctor was very good at explaining the problem I was having and how he would make it better. Staff very efficient and friendly too. I would certainly recommend Dr. Alibhai to my family and friends.

-Sharron W.

Been A Client For 20 Years

I have been coming to Stuart Chiropractic since 1992 . . . over 20 years now. I started coming for chiropractic adjustments because I was getting bad headaches. No more headaches and a happy side effect was that my food allergies disappeared as well. I like the office and the friendly staff and wouldn’t recommend you change anything.

-Don P.

Friendly And Caring

I have been coming to Stuart Chiropractic since 1995 having treatments for a sprained back, which was very painful. I could hardly walk or sit. Stuart Chiropractic had me to be well enough to be back to work in two weeks. At Stuart Chiropractic the office staff are so friendly and caring, always smiling and are genuinely interested in what I have to say. I continue my treatments on a monthly basis since it keeps me in great shape for my active life style. I will always be grateful for all that I have learned from Stuart Chiropractic to keep me healthy! I have recommended Stuart Chiropractic for years and will continue to do so.

-Derlyne F.

Look Forward To Each Session

I began coming to Stuart Chiropractic years ago from the recommendation of a close friend, a body builder who was my personal trainer and spoke highly of this clinic. I have Crohn’s disease and I know that Chiropractic care has helped to control the pain from these medical issues. I always look forward to my session here; I walk away feeling like a new me, pain free! “You’re the Best”. Thank you all.

-Victoria D.


I would like to thank Dr. Alibhai and his team for all their help and compassion. I didn’t think I would ever be the same person I was. My life has been restored to me!

-Arlene E.

Pleasant And Professional

I have been a regular patient at Stuart Chiropractic since about 2006, first having Dr. Stuart as my Chiropractor and now Dr. Alibhai . From the very first time I have found the staff to be pleasant and professional. My problems have been greatly alleviated since visiting the Chiropractor and if I have a problem arise the staff are able to accommodate me immediately.

-Laurie T.

Love This Office

I was nervous about seeing a Chiropractor for the first time, however, just over a year ago I started to come and see Dr. Alibhai. To my surprise it wasn’t as invasive as I first thought it was going to be. I was feeling stiff, my neck would not rotate and I was feeling tired. I carry a lot of weight and have a labor job. Now after having treatment I no longer wake up sore, and my neck moves freely. Most days I find I have more energy. I love the office and all the staff are so kind and understanding. After being in a MVA I have recommended Dr. Alibhai to both my husband and 4 year old son.

-Danielle T.G.

Accommodating And Helpful

I started coming to Stuart Chiropractic in January 2014. I had both numbness and tingling down my left side. This made it difficult for me to perform my daily talks. I was unable to sit for long periods of time. After seeing Dr. Alibhai my numbness and tingling have gone.
I am now able to work for more than a couple of hours at a time. I enjoy coming to the office here at Stuart Chiropractic. It is very cozy and I like that the equipment is up to date plus the staff are very accommodating and so helpful.

-April M.



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