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About Stuart Chiropractic

For more than 40 years, Stuart Chiropractic has been a staple in the Surrey community, and we’re proud to be serving you and your loved ones.

We’re proud to let you know that our values are deeply rooted, with our ultimate goal being to help you achieve yours. When you’re with us, you’re a part of our family and will always be treated with the warmth, kindness and respect that you deserve. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain that’s been nagging you for years, or if you simply want to live a better, balanced life, we’re here for you.

Patient Success Stories

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming patients of all walks of life into our care. Whether you’re seeking help for chronic pain or simply want to live well, we’re here for you. Recently, we welcomed a patient who was hesitant to give chiropractic a try, but felt they had given everything else a shot to no avail.

Having lived in pain for years, they were shocked when after just one visit, she felt an improvement.

The patient continued care with us and couldn’t believe how much better she felt. That’s the power of chiropractic care!

Learn More Today

Dr. Alibhai and the entire Stuart Chiropractic team would love to welcome you into our chiropractic family.

Find out how we can help today when you contact us for a visit–we can’t wait to meet you and your family.

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