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A Visit with My Mother - Tips to Age Well

We just finished a fantastic visit with my mother! It was a great opportunity to get her into even better shape than when she came. We fit in daily adjustments, exercised together and ate a mainly plant based diet. She is a remarkable woman!  Find her full recovery story  here. 

How can we all age well?  Here are a few key areas to focus your attention on that I discussed with my mother.

Dr. Albhai and Mother

1. Posture: Are you getting the “hunch back”? Improve the mobility of your mid back using a foam roller. Here is our Youtube video link.

2. Mobility: 90% of foot and knee problems arise from tightness upstream!  “Rolling out” your calves and hip flexor with a hard lacrosse ball every night is key to relieving this. Here is the exercise sheet. Warning, this will be tender!  If you can breathe through the discomfort, keep rolling!

3.   Decrease Inflammation: Inflammation is one of the primary drivers for almost every chronic disease.  Diet plays a critical role in decreasing total body inflammation. I recommend the 10-day Detox by Mark Hyman.  Focus on a plant based diet, increasing your consumption of healthy fats and decreasing refined carbohydrates.

4.  Supplements: For those of us who struggle with chronic injuries and pain, using key supplements can be extremely beneficial – I should know, I take them as well!

  •  Inflacalm supplement to lower inflammation around the joints
  • NEM which supports the joint cartilage.  Thank you to my sister in law Shabita Teja (Wellness Pharmacist) for her recommendationsWe now sell these at our office and yes, its less than online. 
  • Fish Oil (Nutrasea is a good brand, consider higher EPA to DHA for cognitive health)
  • Vitamin D (make sure its D3)
  • High quality Multivitamin
  • Magnesium citrate – Easier on the body and more bio-available.

While this information can help you,  please do consult your health care professional about any exercises or supplements you wish to take.  We are all unique and deserve that special approach.

Here for you 100%,



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