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7 Layers Deep Exercise

The 7 Layers Deep Exercise is a relatively quick exercise you can do to help gain clarity around an issue you might be facing. It could be exploring the root cause of an emotion, understanding why you are pursuing a new goal or even just tackling a problem that seems to be coming up in your life.

Try it on yourself, a friend or loved one struggling, the last 2 “Why’s” are always profound!  

For example, let’s take the situation of waking up tired every morningSimply ask yourself “why” 7 times after you identify the problem

Why are you waking up tired every morning?
I stayed up too late watching an extra Netflix episode

Why did you watch the extra Netflix episodes?
Because I wanted to relax

Why did you want to relax?
Because I feel like I deserved time to myself

Why did you feel like you deserved time to yourself?
Because I feel like I give of myself all day to others

Why do you feel like you give of yourself all day?
Because my day has little predictability and I have to juggle a million things at a time, it makes me feel under appreciated

Why do you feel under appreciated?
Because I feel like everything is always expected of me

Why do you feel everything is expected of you?
**Because I set high standards for myself and I don’t want to ask for help

So this simple example shows like in many situations, the presenting problem is often only a small part of the real issue that needs to be addressed

We would love to know your thoughts and if you found any success applying this to your own life

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