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5 for Friday!

Good morning!

Here are tips and tools from the week that have helped our family and team.

1. You are Your Perceptions
If we take the time to understand what our emotions are telling us, become aware of our inner conversation, and learn from it, then we can train our brains to think better and connect deeply. So take the time today to look inward and heal yourself from within. Remember, you got this!

2. Book Recommendation
What if you get the chance to meet the most peaceful and most successful man in the world? Spencer Johnson wrote the book, “Peaks and Valleys: Making Good and Bad Times Work for You – At Work and in Life” to open the way for you to experience that through the lens of a young man who lives unhappily at a valley. My biggest takeaway from this book was how you can always uncover the good hidden in a bad time and use that to push yourself forward.

3. What Chiropractic Actually Is
It’s more than just “getting cracked” or back pain treatments. Backed by research, chiropractic is known to improve neoregulation, enhances life expansion, encourages freedom of motion, and a whole lot more. Check out our post on Stuart Chiropractic to learn more.

4. Quote to Ponder
“Most of us live our lives by accident—we live as it happens. Fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose.” – Simon Sinek

5. Cable Pull Through
Here is an exercise for those who are just getting started with building a workout routine. I remember when I first started working out and having no idea what I was doing. So I’m hoping that by sharing my knowledge, I can give you the confidence to get a good workout! The cable pull through exercise can help you reconnect your core and your legs.

Be well and Be great,


Dr. Khalid Alibhai DC and Dr. Shahana Alibhai MD, Family and Team Stuart Chiropractic
Appointments: (604) 581-3411

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