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5 for Friday!

A little bit late with this one, here it is! I hope this provides some tips and tools for the weekend and beyond.

1. Dr. Shahana’s Mental Health Tip:

NAME it to TAME it. Acknowledging an emotion by labelling it, can TAME that emotion by almost 30%. I’m certainly guilt of ignoring uncomfortable emotions and letting them bubble up to something bigger. If you are feeling a certain way that you don’t like, name that emotion and you can TAME it!

2. Small Wins

Are you thinking of building momentum again? Let me tell you there’s power in collecting small wins and choosing to progress despite the discomfort. A lesson I learned from a car accident from 2019. Small wins keep you driven, no matter the weather, and even when the going gets tough! What are are your small wins to celebrate?

3. Quote to Ponder:
“The quality of our life is determined by the quality of questions that we ask.”

4. Squatting Exercise Let’s prevent some falls and stay strong!
Here I teach older adults and those who have been de-conditioned find strength that is essential to preventing falling accidents. It’s safe and easy to do at home!

5. Book Recommendation:
In the book, “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, WHY is the most important prerequisite for a fulfilling and successful life and work. So, start with why and the how’s and what’s will follow. Remember it’s not WHAT you do, its WHY you do it!

Be well and Be great,


Dr. Khalid Alibhai DC and Dr. Shahana Alibhai MD, Family and Team Stuart Chiropractic
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