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5 for Friday!

Here are some words of advice and wisdom from the week that have helped our family and team.

1. Warm-up and strengthen your low back:
  One vital exercise I do from when I was recovering from a lower back injury and even to this day is the bird dog exercise. Try it yourself and follow my tutorial for a stable and strong spine.

2. The Pyramid of Optimal Health with Dr. Shahana Alibhai
Listen to this podcast to learn about reducing stress and handling uncertainty for mental wellness. It goes for anxiety at work and even for life, in general.

3. Working Towards Accepting Emotions
Labeling your emotions as “good” or “bad” is only going to fuel more avoidance of what we really feel. Recognizing that our emotions are only either comfortable or uncomfortable is the first step toward acceptance.

4. Quote to Ponder: Believe in Yourself
I want you to remember this. No matter what people tell you or the doubt that they can put in your head to believe that you can get to where you want to go, whether it’s recovering from an injury or your job or your studies, do the work, and you can get there.

5. Book Recommendation
I encourage you to pick up a book by Jon Gordon called “The Energy Bus.” You can discover how to approach things better not only at work but in life by turning negativity into positivity. Get hooked by the compelling stories and the strategies to success that come with them.


Be well and Be great,


Dr. Khalid Alibhai DC and Dr. Shahana Alibhai MD, Family and Team Stuart Chiropractic
Appointments: (604) 581-3411

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