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5 for Friday!

Here are some words of advice and wisdom that have helped our family and team.

1. Dr. Shahana’s Mental Health Tip: The Magic of Acceptance in our Lives
    Studies show that acceptance is a healthier, non-destructive option than resistance.

  • It helps us acknowledge our uncomfortable parts.
  • It allows us to be present in the exact time and space.

2. Elevated Pigeon Pose
     I have recorded this exercise to help you fix your tight hip flexors and hip flexor pain. Use a bed, couch, chair, or counter to elevate your leg and stretch the hip rotators. Lengthen by taking deep breaths.

 3. Getting out of Bed
    If you’re finding it hard to get up in the morning, try charging your phone in the bathroom and setting the alarm from there. The sound and effort required to get to the phone will drive your cortisol levels up temporarily and give you the needed boost to say, “I am okay and I’m ready to get moving.”

4. A Quote from William James
     “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”


5. Have Breakthrough Conversations
     Kerry Patterson and Joseph Grenny et al. have a book called “Crucial ConversationsTools for Talking When Stakes are High.” I recommend it to anyone eager to clarify what they want to happen, focus on what is happening, and create safe conditions for genuine conversations.

Be well and Be great,


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