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5 For Friday!

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Here are some tips and tools from the week that have helped our family and team.

1. Mental Health from Dr. Shahana AlibhaiSelf-doubt is such an unpleasant experience, and we often end up dealing with it in automatic and unconscious ways. 

Doubting oneself is something we have all experienced at some point or another. We are constantly plagued with thoughts like “you don’t know anything” or “you’re just not smart enough.” And you know what the ironic part is? We often tend to believe these negative thoughts we tell ourselves.

However, while it is easy to believe these lies, there is one thing you can’t lie to yourself about, and that’s how you are going to serve someone else. When you serve others, it helps you overcome your feelings of self-doubt and gives you a sense of purpose.

2. Water consumption: Feeling fatigued at the end of the day? Not enough water can be large factor. I’v experienced this multiple times recently and it wasn’t till I brought my “big” water bottle from Costco that I realized I had the potential for much more energy at the end of the day.

3. A Learners Mindset: ABL: “Always Be Learning” is my motto. I like to call my car a “university on wheels”. Listening to audio books in the car, inspiring podcasts, or spiritual words are all part of the ABL mentality. Where can you take advantage of learning opportunities?

Have a blessed weekend.

Be well and Be great,


Dr. Alibhai’s, Family and Team

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