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5 For Friday!

Here’s some advice from Dr. Shahana Alibhai, MD. You will discover 4 words that will help you!

I am the first to admit it – I struggle a lot with overwhelm…but sometimes I wonder, is it more than just this emotion?

I like to think of emotions like throwing a pebble into a pond. Visualize this for a second – can you see all of the ripples stemming from the centre?

Emotions are the same. What can start as feeling overwhelmed can be layered with feelings of anxiety. This in turn can propel feelings of frustration for the fact you are feeling anxious and maybe even guilt that you are now less productive because of this whole vicious cycle

Many of us end up feeling ‘numb’ when we are bombarded with so many layered emotions – it can be too much to process

What if you took a real life example for yourself and took a moment to work through the emotions you felt. Take the time to really name each emotions. Can you work your way back to the original pebble? What was the instigating emotion?

Studies have shown that often the emotions that are at the core of our discomfort are either anger or fear. I argue that for most of us it’s a feeling of lack. A feeling that we should be doing more, earning more, parenting better, in a better relationship, looking better…whatever the case might be we tend to view ourselves as if we are lacking something

There is no magic solution for this feeling but I will give you four words that have changed my life over the past few months

Ask yourself this: “Does this serve me?”

For most of us the answer will be a resounding NO.

Remember to your brain “negativity is natural” - we are dialled in to critique and criticize and that includes ourselves

Asking yourself “Does this serve me?” forces you to observe your thoughts rather than simply obeying them and challenges you to see things, including yourself, in an often much needed new light.

Dr. Shahana Alibhai, MD

Have a blessed weekend,

Dr. Alibhai’s, Family and Team

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