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5 For Friday!

Here are some tips and tools from the week that have helped us.

1.School Stress: We are grateful to be able to send our eldest son Eshaan off to Kindergarten this year. In the face of uncertainty and fear Shahana and I have caught ourselves pent up coping with change and the things we can’t control.

A cornerstone of healthy thinking that has helped us is the “Art of Acknowledgement”. When someone is under stress try using the phrase “it sounds like” ie. “It sounds like you’re worried”, “it sounds like you’re scared” it sounds like…..

The key to better relationships is better acknowledgement. For extra help, re-watch Dr. Shahana’s Webinar How to Manage Stress and Anxiety.

2. Thought provoking: President John F. Kennedy was visiting NASA headquarters for the first time in 1961. While touring the facility, he introduced himself to a janitor who was mopping the floor and asked him what he did at NASA. “I’m helping put a man on the moon!” Remember its not what you do, its why you do it! I love Simon Sinek’s take on it!

3. Easy Purchase: For the last one year this Camomile Lavender Tea has become part of our evening wind down routine for better sleep.

Have a blessed long weekend.

Be safe and be well,

Dr. Alibhai, Family and Team

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