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5 For Friday!

Here are some things from the week we found useful and inspiring.

1. Five Minute Core Workout Series. These are moves I still use to rehab my back after a disc herniation in 2012 and my accident in 2019. Beginners and advanced version. You will sweat! Look forward to your feedback.

2. Podcast: Shahana shared with me the Happiness Lab Podcast. Surprising and interesting stories that will forever change the way you think about Happiness. Enjoy! 

3. Quote to Ponder: “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength” – Marcus Aurelius

4. Food item: We consistently stock up on Hemp Hearts. It’s so dense in protein and vitamins that it’s a no brainer. Easy to add to a shake, salad, granola and yogurt.

5. Documentary: The Last Dance. This Michael Jordan documentary was fascinating. I love how when asked how he felt about losing a game, Michael said, he never lost a game, he just “ran out of time”. 

Have a blessed weekend,

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