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5 For Friday!

Here are some things that have made a difference in our lives this week.

1. Mindset Tip: “Rain Rain Go Away!” It can be hard to find activities to do inside. Approach the day with gratitude that the rain is a necessary part of thriving on this planet. Smile when it rains, be in aw of the beauty and the force. Behind the clouds the sun is always shinning on you.

2.  Natural Product for Acid Reflux, Gut Lining, Irritable Bowel: Slippery Elm comes from a tree and when mixed with water becomes sticky and mucus like. It is capable of soothing the lining of the gut and reducing irritation. Have 1/2 tsp mixed with water before breakfast and bed.

3. Easy Listen in the Car: Understand your thoughts and emotions to set yourself free. The untethered Soul FREE lecture series is 10 min chunks of transformational inspiration. Listen  volume 1-12.

4.  Quote to Ponder: “Often it’s the adjustment of our expectations, rather than reality itself, that’s the hurdle we have to leap.   ― Dr. Shefali Tsabary,

5. Family Purchase: This fun book of riddles and brain teasers has gotten us stumped and laughing many times! 

Have a blessed weekend,

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