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5 For Friday!

We wanted to share 5 new things that have helped us this week.

1. Try this: It’s hard to ask your partner or kids “How was your day?” when you might be together 24/7. Instead try asking a different question. Every night with the kids we have started doing this. What was one thing that challenged you today? What is something new you tried today? What was one thing that made you laugh? These simple questions can help break up the monotony and even give you an answer that might surprise you.

2. Inspiring Song: I Believe that We Will Win released by PitPull is unifying and truly a “World Wide” Song. Love that last phrase: “No matter what, face everything and rise”

3. Quote: “Be where your feet are” – Anonymous

4. Kids Activity: Pen Pal Printable for Kids.

5. Exercise: I haven’t had a patient say they “can’t” do this. Want  to improve your postureEvery time you sit down on the toilet, roll your shoulders back and down and tuck your chin twice. Habits always work when paired with another activity!

Have a blessed weekend, 

Your Surrey Chiropractor,

Dr. Alibhai, Family and Team
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