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5 For Friday!

Here are some tips and tools from the week to live at your best!

1. Love is a choice and the choice is yours! Shahana and I enjoyed this podcast episode from Dr. Cheryl Fraser.  Found it fascinating that a vital indicator of a long term passionate relationship was an element of THRILL. Too often we get caught up in the routine. Where in your relationships do you need to add an element of surprise and thrill?

2. How to Curb the Feelings of Being Overwhelmed: FOUR S’s from Dr. Shahana

  • Create SPACE
  • SIMPLIFY choices
  • SPOTLIGHT the things you appreciate
  • SLOW Down.

3. Quote to Reflect on: “Would you rather be happy or right? Your Partner is not wrong, just different” – Dr. Cheryl Fraser

4. We want to invite you to International Women’s Day on March 6th at the University of Fraser Valley. Dr. Shahana, Dr. Tamara Taggart and Kate Horsman will be part of a panel discussing “Finding your Voice: The Conversations we don’t have”. RSVP at link

5. Student Study Syndrome! The Triple S! I suffered with it! The endless hours of being hunched over a laptop for 8 years straight! Get yourself or your kids moving and INSPECT their “setup”. There is always room for improvement in ergonomics.

*We are open tomorrow (Saturday) for select hours if you need to get in, call the office today or tomorrow morning at 830am.

Have a blessed weekend,

Dr. Alibhai, Family and Team
Stuart Chiropractic
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