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5 For Friday!

1. Video from Dr. Alibhai: I taught this exercise to my grandmother years ago and I believe it helped keep her legs strong. This Chair Squat exercise has transformed lives from people being stuck in their chair to walking strong again. Teach this and spread the word please!

2. Amanda saw a documentary about eating Vegan and decided to make the switch last week. It didn’t last long! We joked that until our beliefs hold true can they truly align with our behaviours. Shahana and I eat more of a “Pegan” Diet,  A term coined by Dr. Mark Hyman. Learn more about it here!

3. Point of Reflection: Going through a tough time? There is a good chance that depending on your current circumstance there are over a 1 billion people who would trade places with you right now. 

4. Did you choose a word for the year? If you haven’t its never too late! For those who have, be sure to make it visible everywhere, get a coffee mug with your word on it, screen savers or your bathroom mirror (Shahana wasn’t too impressed with that one).  Be Creative and Live it Out!

5. Snow is Upon us: Power Lung Stance! Bend Through the Hips, Chest High and Pivot your Whole Body! Here is is the video we shot last year!

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