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5 For Friday!

I feel so fortunate to have walked away…

On Monday my car was T-boned.The force of impact so great that it caused the seat belt to rub the ink off the name tag I was wearing. Both cars look unrepairable.

Moments after walking out of the car I realized how fortunate I was. I watched as the other driver was taken by ambulance on a stretcher.  We see patients everyday who have been in car accidents and it gave me an appreciation for the struggle and the mindset  that is needed in order to heal. I wanted to share a few learning points that I’ve taken away.

1. The moments after the accident, you have two choices: You can become a victim or have the courage to say “Life happens FOR Me NOT to Me”.

2. Your body is an engineering miracle! It wants to heal.  Honor the process and the discomfort. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, months or longer.

3. Seek counselling. I was surprised by the fear, anger, anxiety after the accident Getting counselling seems to be reserved for people who “need it”, ie it’s already taken over your life. If you have any of those emotions lurking around from an accident, go get it addressed. It could be the missing piece 

4. Acknowledge how you feel and then move on to solving problems. The more that we dwell in our state “I feel like”… you become what you feel like. Anyone who has been in pain knows how reinforcing that thought can be. Create hope by being around the right people!

5. Growth Mindset - Are you using words like… “Im a mess”, “I’m a wreck”, “Im never going to be the same” VS “My body is healing!” “This is challenge”

I truly hope you can apply these principals to many other areas of your life as well 

With gratitude,

Dr. Alibhai, Family and Team
Stuart Chiropractic
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