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5 For Friday!

Here are some tips and tools from the week to live at your best!  Friendly reminder we are open this Saturday 10-12pm.

1. It’s time to choose your word for the year! Instead of being specific about your goals. Adopt a theme for the whole year. We love this concept so much we shot a video to explain the power of one word and how it can find you and drive you for the year!

2. Shahana had the opportunity to be on her first podcast called Everyday Amazing. It offers great insights into her personal struggles and life as a busy mom, doctor and wife. She talks about working at the Breast Health Clinic, Youth Clinic and her concept of the “CEO of the House” Here is the link. We hope it inspires you!

3.  My kids go crazy over gummy bears and then they go wild! My mom found a Paleo Gummy recipe. We made them yesterday and man are they delicious! They are packed with protein, I couldn’t believe it! This recipe is so easy and a must try. You can buy the mold for $14.00 on amazon.  Grass feed Geltain Collagen Powder found here.

4. Book Feature:  Secrets of Meditation A practical Guide to Meditation and Personal Transformation by Davidji. This creates clarity by how simple and easy to understand it is.

5. Quote to Reflect on: “We are the Masters of each Moment” – Davidji

Have a blessed weekend,

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