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5 For Friday!

Here are some tips and tools from the week to live at your best! 

1. Roll in the the next decade with more clarity. Look back to plan forward! Reflect on your year by answering some of these basic profound questions. 1. What are your proudest achievements this year? 2. What are the most important lessons you’ve learned? Who had the biggest impact on you this year? What stories are you telling yourself you need to let go of.

2. Wondering How We Do it? Many have been asking how the Activator Method works. Here is a basic run down.  Why do we adjust this way? We must treat the body globally, because its global in its design!

3. Im seeing more technology related neck and shoulder problems. Get up every 30 min and get your kids to watch this Ergonomic Video to develop good habits! At 57s is the ideal tablet position!

4. Since switching to 60-70% fat for my calories and cutting out the sugars and lengthening the time between dinner and breakfast to 12-13hrs. It significantly reduced the “feeling of being hungry”. As a result, I consume less calories (reduced snacking) and have less of a need to eat “frequent meals”. The bottom line is more sustained energy throughout the day and more mental focus at work and home.

5. Quote to Ponder: “We do not learn through experience we learn from reflecting on experience” – John Dewey

Have a blessed weekend,

Your Surrey Chiropractor,

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