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5 For Friday!

A friendly note we are open to serve patients tomorrow (Saturday) AM.
Here are some tips and tools from the week to live at your best! 

1. Did you know an egg maybe the perfect protein. It has all the essential vitamins, amino acids and good fats to sustain you. It has now been proven that eggs do not raise your cholesterol levels or increase there risk of heart disease.  Every morning we eat scrambled eggs (free range), douse it with olive oil, some mixed greens and pumpkin seeds. No bread just good fats. Try it out. 

2. Sprouted Broccoli is a magical power food. It contains almost 100x more cancer fighting agents than regular broccoli. It has a molecule called Sulforaphane which lowers inflammation and oxidative stress which helps with the aging process! Long Scientific Explanation. Google it! Its amazing research.

3. We are growing sprouts at our home for the first time. All you need is a bag of seeds and wide mouth mason jar lids. Let’s see how the first batch turns out, the kids are excited and it literally takes seconds to prepare and attention every 12 hours. Here is the how to video. 

4. Quote to Ponder: Be like the sun – Shine even if no-one thanks you for it” – Unknown

5. Growth Mindset Book for Kids:  This is the most detailed and best explained Growth Mindset book for kids I’v seen so far. Likely ideal for kids over the age of 6. Your Fantastic Elastic Brain 

Have a blessed weekend,

Your Surrey Chiropractor,

Dr. Alibhai, Family and Team
Stuart Chiropractic
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