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5 For Friday!

Here are some tips and tools from the week to live at your best!

1. Time-Restricted Eating may be the simplest high yield health choice you can make. Eating during a 8-12 window and fasting during a 12-14 hour window has been shown reduce fat mass, improve muscle mass, exercise performance, improved heart function without changing any other variable! Here is the  research article summary published by Dr. Rhonda Patrick and the app that makes it easy to track. *Let me know how you feel!

2. Featured Exercise: Before I became a chiropractor I was a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer and one of my joys is providing you with exercises that work!  These two core exercises are top on my list.  Here is the link. The Dead Bug Exercises gives you no excuses, just lay on your back. 

3. Featured Book: I recently picked up Deepak Chopra’s new book Metahuman. I would recommend following him on Instagram he has wonderful 1min read-outs.

4. Quote to Reflect on: “The reality you experience is a mirror image of your expectations” – Deepak Chopra

5.  Ergonomic Purchase: This may seem like a silly item but If you work at a computer and have to look at your papers often then this may save your neck! A simple Monitor Mount Document Clip. Ask Kassandra, she loves it!

Have a blessed weekend,

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