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5 For Friday!

Here are some tips and tools from the week to live at your best!

1.  Want to be more intelligent? 80% of our success in life is determined by our EQ not our IQ! EQ is your emotional intelligence or quotient. You can change it and grow it. Stop worrying how “book smart” you are and start focusing on growing your self awareness and self regulationIt all starts with how to make stress your friend. Enjoy this Ted Talk.

2. Ergonomic VideoAre you using a laptop at home or work? or know someone who is? Neck pain is becoming far too common. Watch and share this video! Put your laptop on a few books to get it at eye level and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Simple and could save you a lifetime of pain.

4. Featured Book:  The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon has become a mandatory read for our team and the kids version thankfully has become a hit at my house. A simple and profound message. Check it out!

5. For many reading this, Sunday at 2am the clocks shifts back one hour. How are you going to use your extra hour? Sleep? Time with family and friends? Exercise? Think of it as a gift, unwrap it and use it!

Have a blessed weekend,

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