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5 For Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some tips and tools from the week to live at your best!

1.We shot this video of the shoulder  “monkey” stretch. Done with a broom stick or mop handle it instantly releases tension. Enjoy.

2. Have you tried the “Thanksgiving Reader”Placed at each person’s seat and read out loud before the meal begins. It connects us on another level and makes our time together even more memorable.

3. Question to ponder:  Who do I need to be more present with/Who needs more of my time?

4.  In our house October is Emergency month and we are reviewing CPR, First Aid and fire drills. I was surprised when I learned that marshmallows and popcorn were high on the list for choking in kids under 5, because it expands in the airway when lodged. There are plenty of online training videos  to fill the gap between getting it done in person. Consider reviewing one thing at Thanksgiving with your family.

5.  Quote to Reflect on: Trade your expectations for appreciation and your world changes instantly  – Tony Robins

We appreciate each one of you!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend,

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