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5 For Friday!

It’s already been a challenging start to the cold and flu season for many. We have certainly felt in our house with 3 kids and when sleep is at premium. Here are some tips to keep your body going and I hope thriving! 

1.  Give your immune system a boost by slicing a 1/4-1/2 clove of garlic, let it rest for 10 min so the protein and enzyme bond and form the powerful molecule allicin which has all the health benefits! Mix with honey and put it down the hatch! 2x daily 

2.  This Ayurvedic combo is the strongest natural anti-inflammatory known on this planet.  1/4 teaspoon turmeric, with a pinch of cracked black pepper all mixed with honey. Its like a water hose for the fires in your body. Consume 2x daily during the tough days. The cracked pepper improves the potency of the curcumin found in turmeric by almost 30x. *If on blood thinners speak with your Pharmacist or MD

3. Movement - Your lymph system which circulates your white blood cells can work you when pumped around through movement. Walking and basic stretching even at the lowest levels all work in your favour!

4. Your perception of your reality becomes your reality. The ability to cope puts your mind and body in position to fight and heal. Just like poor thoughts can emotions can make us sick, good thoughts and emotions can help heal you.

5. A friendly reminder for kids and adults to be consuming omega 3 fish oil and Vitamin D especially during this time of the year. There are stacks of research to support it’s daily use to benefit the immune system, mental and cardiovascular health.  Innate Choice  is where we source ours from and we also carry it at the office.

Have a blessed and healthier weekend,

Your Surrey Chiropractor,

Dr. Alibhai, Family and Team
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