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5 For Friday!

Here are some tools and tactics from the week to live the best version of you! See #3, so we can say thank you!

1. Back to School Purchase: Get your kids flat  “Zero Drop” shoes, where the toes and heel are an equal distance from the ground. Brands like Converse or Vans do this well.  We are unnecessarily shortening our kids heel cords (achilles) when the heel of the shoe is thicker than the front. Almost all children should be in flat shoes or barefoot as much as possible to get those tiny muscles muscles and arches strong. Wearing chunky shoes all the time is like putting 4 layers of socks on, you just can’t “feel the ground”. If you are concerned about the way they move, or have pain, bring them by for an assessment of their feet, knees, hips and spine. It’s all connected!

2. Did you know? In Greece, they consume 1 bottle of olive oil a week per person! The mediterranean diet has been proven to reduce heart disease and strokes. The number one common denominator was high consumption of extra virgin olive oil, along with green vegetables, fish, nuts and low in red meat. The main source of fat in their diet is – Olive oil! When buying a high quality olive oil look for one that has the “lot number on it”, in a dark glass bottle, and is extra virgin. Store in the pantry not on the kitchen counter! Here is the podcast with in-depth information for you!

3. Thank you! We appreciate your trust over the years. To celebrate youwe are holding a Patient Appreciation Day on Wednesday, August 28th all day.  We have a calligraphy artist, delicious food from my culture, games and prizes. Here is a special message from usBring your family and friends!

4. Quote to reflect on:  “Everything will be okay as soon as you
are okay with everything. And that’s the only time everything will be okay.” - Michael Singer.

5. Recent Purchase. T.V and Computer monitors emit excessive “blue light”which negatively affects our sleep and awake cycles. Blue light glasses block this spectrum of light from entering and give you the best chance to better sleep. Easy to find on amazon. 

Have a blessed weekend!

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