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5 For Friday!

1. We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new son on Sunday, July 28th! They truly are precious miracles. We wanted to share the story with you.  It was a fast and furious labour for Shahana. Things were going well until the moment she had to push, his heart rate suddenly dropped and I could sense the urgency and fear in the doctors voice. They needed to get him out as fast as possible. The used the vacuum on his head and pulled with their might and after 3 attempts he finally came into this world bruised and banged up but vibrant and healthy. Shahana turned to me as said, make sure you check him. Check what you may be asking? One of the first things we did when he got home was check his spine. Yes, babies are resilient but when their bodies are sacrificed to save their life, there is a level of stress on the body that needs to be evaluated and often overlookedBoth mom and baby have had had a few adjustments this week to restore affected areas and gently smooth out some strained muscles. Please consider getting your kids checked, birth, sports, falls, technology etc. either add to our health or take away from it.  It’s the small things over time that affect us. “As the twig is bent so grows the tree”. 

2. Recovery Food:  To help Shahana recover and heal, we have been introducing bone broth. A special thanks to her wonderful Mom!  Its rich in minerals, protein and collagen. If you have gut issues or a recent period of being very unwell. Consider bone broth! Here is a recipe

3. Traveller:  For all those travelling this weekend a friendly reminder to get up every 30-45 min and reset your spine. I like to get out the car, walk around in 5 times and get back in. That usually does the job.

4. Video: We’ve created a short video of stretches you can do at the office.Enjoy!

5. Quote to reflect on –  “If you don’t have a smile, I will give you one of mine” 

Have a blessed weekend! 


Your Surrey Chiropractor,

Dr. Alibhai, Family and Team

Stuart Chiropractic
Appointments: (604) 581-3411

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