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5 For Friday!

Here are tools and tactics from the week to live the best version of you!

1. You may have heard this saying – Sitting is the “new smoking”. The most important thing is to get up every 30 min and move to reset the spine. It’s 30 min for a reason, studies have shown that after 30 min the spinal tissuesbegin to “deform” and discs are more likely to creep onto the nerves. Also please consider a standup desk. You can visit our office or send us an email  if you need a note for your work. I really like Vari desk, Ergotron and recently purchased this one for my home and setting it up this weekend.  Maybe this would make a great gift for a student!

2. Recipe –  King of Dal The Perfect Food. For $9 you can make 15 servings in 27 minutes using a Instapot. High in Protein, Flavourful, Nutrient Dense.  What else could you want from a food? Here is a delicious recipe from Seth Godin a prolific blogger.

3. Recent Purchase - Impressed with this non stick, PFOA free, stone pan. Gives you the comfort in knowing its a safe surface, easy to clean and does the job.

4. Quote - It’s not what you do – It’s what you are becoming – Dean Kamen. 

5. Feel stuck? Need some motivation? Listen my take on momentum. 

Have a blessed weekend! 


Your Surrey Chiropractor

Dr. Alibhai

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