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5 For Friday!

Hey Everyone,

Here are some tools and tactics from the week to live the best version of you!

1. Our favourite summer time vegetable to BBQ is Zucchini.  It’s a vegetable that’s hard to spell but easy to cook (4min)  and delicious. Here is a tasty recipe, let me know how it goes!
2. Quote to reflect on: Done is better than Perfect!  – Sheryl Sandberg. 
3. I’m not typically into coffee but this Reishi Mushrom Coffee is delicious and smooth.  Very energizing, especially for a sleep deprived parent.
4. Teach Girls Bravery Not Perfection – Excellent Ted Talk on the messages we send young girls about striving to always be perfect
5.  School is out! Many kids spend hours hunched over studying or on technology.  As a consequence, the spine tightens up and develops unnecessary imbalances. The summer time is a great opportunity to bring the kids in for a checkup!
Happy Canada Day! It’s a special time for our family. My parents came to Canada from Kenya and Shahanas parents came as refugees from Uganda after being thrown out by the ruthless dictator Idi Amin. Here is the story. We are grateful to be in this beautiful and diverse country.
Wishing all of you a blessed, safe and fun weekend!
Your Surrey Chiropractor,
Dr. Alibhai
Stuart Chiropractic

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